Don’t Believe the (Legacy) Hype

Indico Tames Unstructured Content Where Others Fail

Erik Bradley | Peter Steube 

| August 02, 2019

The quote above and many more insights were discussed in this week’s highlighted interview featuring Mr. Wilde, CEO of Indico, an Intelligent Process Automation vendor specializing in unstructured documentation automation.

Leveraging 20-plus years’ experience as an IT entrepreneur, this VENN interview discussed the pain point that Indico is designed to solve, the product architecture, competitive differentiation, use cases, integrations, and the deep-learning transfer technology supporting the product.

Below is a sneak peak at some of the highlighted quotes from the interview:

Intelligent Process Automation provider, Indico screens positively in the Robotic Process Automation sector of ETR’s Emerging Technology Study (ETS), which is designed to measure the brand awareness and market opportunity for privately held technology vendors. As part of its ongoing research efforts, the VENN team is highlighting some of the best performing emerging vendors. Some high-level takeaways from the interview include:

• The number of deep learning data scientists in the market is extremely small and that’s not going to be solved any time soon. Vendors like Indico need to do the work behind the scenes and support a point and click solution that gets the technology back into the hands of the actual business experts.

• Traditional rule-based approaches from legacy solutions are expensive and ineffective at scale, creating market opportunity for next-generation automation vendors that pay for themselves through ROI.

• By embracing a co-opetition model, BPM and RPA vendors could employ best-of-breed niche-solutions to truly deliver the most value for their enterprise clients.

• The proliferation of unstructured documentation is costing large enterprises time and money, and the existing vendor technology is proving to be more hype than solution.

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