In this report, ETR examines 2021 Cloud Computing spend with a focus on sector trends and individual vendor performance within the sector.

Further, ETR reviews Adoption and Replacement reasoning within Cloud Computing as to determine which metrics CIOs view as critical when adopting and replacing vendors within their Cloud Computing stack (e.g. TCO, Security, Alignment with Cloud Vendors, Long-Term ROI, Implementation Cost, etc.)

Next, the report observes individual vendor performance within Cloud Computing by ranking vendors based on their 2021 Net score (i.e., spend velocity for 2021 vs 2020), Adoption %, Replacing % and market share change within our sample. Finally, the report analyzes and ranks these vendors through key customer subsamples - Fortune 500 and Giant Public + Private (i.e., Global 2000 + Forbes Private 225 + US Federal Government).

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Technology Spending Intention Survey Report Details:

15th Apr 2021

Cloud Computing - APR21 TSIS Publish Date