Commvault - JAN20 TSIS

The most recent enterprise spend data for Commvault was collected through ETR's proprietary TSIS (Technology Spending Intentions Survey) from 12/12/2019 - 1/23/2020 and was sourced from 142 CIOs and IT end users, which represent approximately $62B in annual IT spend. Further, of the 142 customers, 28 represent Fortune 500 organizations and 40 represent Global 2000 organizations.

In this report, ETR examines Commvault's updated enterprise spend for 2H19, with a focus on performance among key customer cuts such as Fortune 500 and Giant Public + Private respondents. Looking at metrics to determine overall projected entrerprise spend, ETR also compares Commvault to competitors such as Veeam and Veritas, and compares expected spending intentions within shared accounts.

Further, ETR investigates Commvault's customer growth, replacement rates, and repeat respondents to analyze Commvault's projected market share. Using CIO commentary and performance in organizations accelerating spend in cloud, ETR projects Commvault's outlook in 2020.

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Technology Spending Intention Survey Report Details:


Commvault - JAN20 TSIS Survey Sample Size


Commvault - JAN20 TSIS Fortune 500 Citations


Commvault - JAN20 TSIS Global 2000 Citations

17th Jan 2020

Commvault - JAN20 TSIS Publish Date