DataRobot - MAY21 ETS

Vendor: DataRobot

Sector: ML / AI

The most recent awareness, evaluation, utilization, and churn data for DataRobot was collected through ETR's proprietary ETS (Emerging Technology Study) from 5/4/2021 - 6/7/2021 and was sourced from 102 IT Decision Makers, which represent approximately $55B in total annual IT spend. Further, of the 102 technology end users, 26 represent Fortune 500 organizations and 46 represent Global 2000 organizations.

In this report, ETR analyzes DataRobot's evaluation, utilization, and churn trends over time, as well as against ML / AI peers, in order to provide a near-term outlook for the emerging vendor.

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Emerging Technology Survey Report Details:


DataRobot - MAY21 ETS Survey Sample Size


DataRobot - MAY21 ETS Fortune 500 Citations


DataRobot - MAY21 ETS Global 2000 Citations

9th Jun 2021

DataRobot - MAY21 ETS Publish Date