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The most recent enterprise spending intentions data for Microsoft was collected through ETR's proprietary TSIS (Technology Spending Intentions Survey) from 6/12/2019 - 7/19/2019 and was sourced from 952 CIOs and IT end users, which represent approximately $362B in annual IT spend. Further, of the 952 customers, 194 represent Fortune 500 organizations and 310 represent Global 2000 organizations.

In this report, ETR examines Microsoft's enterprise spend for 2H19 with a focus on Cloud Computing, Container Platforms, Analytics, Data Warehousing, Infrastructure Software, Servers, Productivity Apps (Teams) and ML / AI. Additionally, ETR analyzes spend levels for recent acquisitions such as GitHub.

Further, ETR benchmarks Microsoft's forward-looking Cloud spend against AWS, Google Cloud Platform, IBM, Red Hat, Oracle, Box, Dropbox and Rackspace accounts. Next, ETR investigates Analytics spend for 2H19 with a focus on competition with Tableau, SAP, Oracle and IBM. Additionally, the report reviews Infrastructure Software, Data Warehousing and Server spend and analyzes whether cloud spend is cannibalizing Microsoft's Server spend.

Next, the report heavily reviews enterprise usage between Microsoft Teams vs Slack and analyzes which product will likely succeed in the enterprise.

Lastly, ETR explores newer offerings in Containers and Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence, reviews extensive CIO and IT Leadership commentary across key product lines, and examines the pervasion of the Azure Stack strategy.


Technology Spending Intention Survey Report Details:


Microsoft - JUL19 TSIS Survey Sample Size


Microsoft - JUL19 TSIS Fortune 500 Citations


Microsoft - JUL19 TSIS Global 2000 Citations

11th Jul 2019

Microsoft - JUL19 TSIS Publish Date