In this report, ETR examines 2021 ML / AI spend with a focus on sector trends and individual vendor performance within the sector.

Further, ETR reviews Adoption and Replacement reasoning within ML / AI as to determine which metrics CIOs view as critical when adopting and replacing vendors within their ML / AI stack (e.g. TCO, Security, Alignment with Cloud Vendors, Long-Term ROI, Implementation Cost, etc.)

Next, the report observes individual vendor performance within ML / AI by ranking vendors based on their 2021 Net score (i.e., spend velocity for 2021 vs 2020), Adoption %, Replacing % and market share change within our sample. Finally, the report analyzes and ranks these vendors through key customer subsamples - Fortune 500 and Giant Public + Private (i.e., Global 2000 + Forbes Private 225 + US Federal Government).

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Technology Spending Intention Survey Report Details:

15th Apr 2021

ML / AI - APR21 TSIS Publish Date