The most recent updated enterprise spend data for Salesforce was collected through ETR's proprietary TSIS (Technology Spending Intentions Survey) from 6/12/2019 - 7/19/2019 and was sourced from 472 CIOs and IT end users, which represent approximately $231B in annual IT spend. Further, of the 472 customers, 108 represent Fortune 500 organizations and 180 represent Global 2000 organizations.

In this report, ETR examines Salesforce's enterprise spend for 2H19 with a focus on performance among key customer cuts (Fortune 100, Fortune 500, Giant Public + Private) across multiple sectors including Enterprise Software, Cloud Computing, Internet Marketing, Infrastructure Software and ML / AI. ETR also examines demand for Tableau Software, given Salesforce's intent to acquire the vendor.

Additionally, ETR explores Salesforce's peer landscape by evaluating performance among organizations also using Oracle, SAP and Microsoft in order to paint a picture of the vendor's competitive position from a forward-looking perspective. ETR also observes emerging vendors with opportunities in Salesforce's accounts. This report also takes a look at citation growth within each sector to determine where Salesforce may be gaining (or losing) traction among customers.

Lastly, ETR uses Drill Down surveys to further investigate the underlying logic behind customers' decisions to Adopt (or Replace) Salesforce. After compiling all relevant data, ETR provides an outlook for 2019.

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Technology Spending Intention Survey Report Details:

472 - JUL19 TSIS Survey Sample Size

108 - JUL19 TSIS Fortune 500 Citations

180 - JUL19 TSIS Global 2000 Citations

18th Jul 2019 - JUL19 TSIS Publish Date