VENN 4.1 Nutanix - Nutanix

Large scale data curated event with interactive dialogues, networking, and cutting edge data presentations

Sudheesh Nair, President


31 May 2017

6:00 PM (EST)



110 E 25th St, New York, NY 10010


A Data Curated Event featuring Nutanix was a stimulating evening of curated networking, cutting edge data presentations and interactive dialogues. ETR founder Thomas DelVecchio set up the conversation by presenting proprietary, real-time data illustrating a vivid picture of the hyper-converged landscape. Forward-thinking CIOs have indicated that a hyper-converged infrastructure is critical to the future technology architecture and Nutanix has emerged as the clear leader; however, the question VENN 4.1 was created to analyze: How does Nutanix intend to remain the market leader and retain its competitive distance in an evolving space that will become more crowded over time? Nutanix President, Sudheesh Nair answered that question.

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