Our Plans:

ETR Plus




  • Access to all historical + current data
  • Access to high-level + vendor + sector reports
  • Access to back tests + regression based forecasts + drill-down studies
  • Access to the research team


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Gain all access
  • Access to real-time CIO spending intentions data
  • Access to vendor and sector summary reports, quarterly research, webinars and insights to help guide your organization’s IT procurement
  • Opportunity to be a featured presenter to your peer community
  • Access to member-restricted events, which bring together institutional investors, CIOs, and enterprise leading vendors as well as full audio replay and transcripts of the events



  • Firm-wide access to a member-restricted engagement initiative bringing together the institutional investor, CIO, and enterprise technology vendor communities.
  • Access to all 15,000+ minutes of audio and every one of the 2mm+ words transcribed from the 125+ sessions that have been successfully hosted so far.