• Sectors:
  • Analytics / B.I. / Big Data
  • Business Processes
  • Data Warehousing
  • Diversified Apps
  • ECM Software
  • Enterprise Apps
  • IT Consulting
  • Information Security
  • ML / AI
  • Outsourced IT
  • Server
  • Storage

Updated 2021 outlook

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  • Am ong all cus tom ers, m ost IBM products are s eeing weaker s pend vs . las t April, including Software (Inform ation Security, Business Processes, Containers, Database / Data Warehousing, ECM, Cloud Computing, Unified Endpoint Management, RHEL, OpenStack), Outs ourced IT, Storage, and Servers . OpenShift and Ans ible are relative areas of s trength and s tability for IBM, wit h Analytics / B.I. / Big Data spend also flat. Watson and IT Consulting spend are the lone areas where spending intentions are notably s tronger than las t April.
  • Spending intentions for IBM across all software sectors (ex - Red Hat products) have declined further of the past three months am ong Giant Public + Private organizations , leaving it s ignificantly weaker than this tim e las t year.
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  • 778
  • Survey Respondents
  • Representing $358b in annual IT Spend
  • 154Fortune 500
  • 165 S&P 500
  • 268Global 2000

Distribution of the Survey Answers

  • 5% adoption
  • 28% increase
  • 46% flat
  • 15% decrease
  • 6% replacing

IBM - Single Vendor Aggregate

The historical response breakdown for IBM; the blue line represents Net score while the yellow line represents Market share.

Single Vendor Aggregate
  • adoption
  • increase
  • flat
  • decrease
  • replacing
  • net score

IBM Spend Focus - Respondent Subsample

Spending Intentions for IBM by customer type (Index, Region, Vertical, etc.)

Respondent Subsample

IBM Tracking the Conversation -

  • We have some incredibly old technology. You mentioned IBM. We have a Series 5, I think it’s called, an AS400. It still runs in a corner. And it’s still quite central. And despite the best will of people in the organization, I think it’s probably going to persist for at least another three to fou r y ears, because it’s got some crucial systems still sitting on them, and it works.

    - Head of IT Operations & Governance, Large Non - profit/Healthcare | VENN 239, 02/25/2021

  • IBM’s cloud offering seems to almost be an afterthought as many things with IBM seem to be sometimes. I’m going to take a wa it and see attitude towards that. I don’t see them getting a lot of traction. I think that there’s a lot of skepticism in the marketplace about IBM. You know the ol d joke about the IBM salesman talking about how great it’s going to be, and it never seems to be. I’m not as convinced that IBM - I’ve been to their seminars and hear d them speak about cloud. And it’s always generic. Never specific technology or specific advances that they’re trying to go for. But they also seem to have the lea d in AI. I mean Watson beat Ken Jennings at Jeopardy, so what are you going to do? I just think that sometimes, I have some skepticism about IBM’s ability to ad vance in that market. They’ll get something because they’re IBM. But that’s how I see it.

    - CTO, Small Technology Advisory Firm | VENN 234, 01/25/2021

  • If you also look at the trend here, I think you clearly see that most of the SaaS - based tools or databases will have increased versus the on prem. And the license model will definitely have negative impact. As you can already see, IBM or actually their data, which are losing this space c lea rly. And I think for us, it is clearly going to be a cloud - based model, a SaaS model. And of course, all these databases which bring a lot of your new flexibility versus the traditional databases.

    - CTO, Midsize Pharma Distribution Firm | VENN 231, 01/06/2021

IBM Spend Focus

Spending Intentions for IBM across all Sectors that track it

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