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Since 2019, ETR has surveyed IoTium's target consumer base and end users about their awareness/evaluation levels with the company. Our survey methodology, frequency of polling and round table discussions with CIOs, allow us to capture and report, in real-time, changes in customer demand and the impact these changes have on IoTium's calendar year spend. Specifically, the data provides actionable insight into whether the company's products and services within Internet of Things are gaining traction in spending intentions within the enterprise.

The most recent awareness and evaluations data for IoTium was collected through ETR's proprietary ETS (Emerging Technology Study) from 05/07/2019 - 05/24/2019 and was sourced from 34 CIOs and CIO-types, which represent approximately $24B in annual IT spend. Further, of the 34 technology end users, 6 represent Fortune 500 organizations and 10 represent Global 2000 organizations. The ETS report is available by request below.

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