Menu, a public company, is an enterprise technology vendor that provides a variety of services (SaaS) and products such as customer relationship management [CRM] software, marketing software, and productivity software. Enterprise-leading technologists largely use Salesforce to manage their enterprise's sales force, customers, customer support, products and pricing (CPQ), digital commerce, marketing, analytics, cloud computing, AI (Einstein), and IoT.

Notable enterprise vendors competing for wallet share alongside Salesforce include: Adobe, Microsoft, NetSuite (Oracle), IBM, Oracle, Pegasystems, SAP, ServiceNow, Infor, SugarCRM, Marketo, and Zendesk.

IT leaders need insight into the solutions, reliability, implementation cost, support structure, and compatibility offered by Salesforce - and its position, stability, and trajectory predominantly within the CRM, sale force automation, productivity, digital marketing, and analytics markets.

Since 2010, ETR has surveyed's target consumer base and end users about their forward-looking spending intentions with the company. Our survey methodology, frequency of polling and round table discussions with CIOs, allow us to capture and report, in real-time, changes in customer demand and the impact these changes have on's calendar year spend. Specifically, the data provides actionable insight into whether the company's products and services within Analytics / B.I. / Big Data, Cloud Computing / Managed Hosting, Diversified Apps, Enterprise Apps, Infrastructure Software, Internet Marketing / Social Media and ML / AI are seeing an acceleration, flattening or deceleration in spending intentions within the enterprise.

The most recent spending intentions data for was collected through ETR's proprietary TSIS (Technology Spending Intentions Survey) from 9/12/2018 - 9/27/2018 and was sourced from 456 CIOs and IT end users, which represent approximately $226B in annual IT spend. Further, of the 456 customers, 110 represent Fortune 500 organizations and 172 represent Global 2000 organizations.The report is available for purchase below.

Salesforce commentary from 20 VENN events between 02/08/2017 and 07/16/2018 was aggregated into a VEC (VENN Events Content) report. Additionally, MuleSoft commentary from 10 VENN events between 03/27/2017 and 09/07/2018 was also aggregated into a VEC report. The reports are available for purchase below.

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