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  • Analytics / B.I. / Big Data
  • Enterprise Apps
  • Infrastructure Software
  • ML / AI
  • APR21


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  • OCT20


Updated 2021 outlook

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  • SAP’s updated 2021 spending intentions are stable vs. three months ago but continue a downward trajectory captured in our data since JAN16. A mong EMEA customers, SAP’s Net score is significantly decelerating, driven by both contracting Increase spend and expanding negative spend intentions. Market share offers some stability, remaining inline with historical levels among all customers.
  • Spending intentions on SAP products are weakening y/y for ML / AI (Leonardo) and Enterprise Apps (SuccessFactors, Concur Technologies, Callidus Software). By contrast, positive management commentary highlights significant HANA adoptions by large organizations, as well as growing margin projections for its cloud business. Both of SAP’s products in Cloud Computing (Ariba) and Analytics (HANA) are seeing an improvement in demand.
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  • 626
  • Survey Respondents
  • Representing $313b in annual IT Spend
  • 140Fortune 500
  • 149 S&P 500
  • 241Global 2000

Distribution of the Survey Answers

  • 6% adoption
  • 29% increase
  • 53% flat
  • 9% decrease
  • 4% replacing

SAP - Single Vendor Aggregate

The historical response breakdown for SAP; the blue line represents Net score while the yellow line represents Market share.

Single Vendor Aggregate
  • adoption
  • increase
  • flat
  • decrease
  • replacing
  • net score

SAP Spend Focus - Respondent Subsample

Spending Intentions for SAP by customer type (Index, Region, Vertical, etc.)

Respondent Subsample

SAP Tracking the Conversation -

  • The most important solutions for us are and SAP HANA as being the first tools that are driving our transforma tio n to software as a service.

    - Head of IT, Large IT/Telco Enterprise | VENN 242, 03/08/2021

  • SAP was very cumbersome. If you need to do something, you need to click on seven or eight different screens in order to get som ething done. Also, it wasn't a cloud - based system, the version that we have, and to get to that cloud - based version would have taken a lot of money, time and e ffort.

    - Director of IT, Midsize Industrials/Engineering Enterprise | VENN 237, 03/21/2021

  • The goal was to actually get out of SQL SAP, and the custom dashboard that our programmer has been developing and supporting fo r 20 years. So, we looked at different platforms and chose Oracle’s NetSuite as the platform. We're hoping to get NetSuite up and running in the October/N ove mber timeframe and get rid of everything else..

    - Director of IT, Midsize Industrials/Engineering Enterprise | VENN 237, 03/21/2021

SAP Spend Focus

Spending Intentions for SAP across all Sectors that track it

Single Vendor View