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2021 outlook

ServiceNow spending intentions remain largely positive simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.


  • While acknowledging some pockets of weakening spend, we remain full Positive on ServiceNow for the remainder of 2H20 given low customer churn, strong competitive dynamics and its overall entrenched positioning.
  • After seeing spending intentions continue to flatten throughout 2H20, ServiceNow spending intentions have now rebounded heading into 2021, leaving it largely flat vs this time last year. However, Fortune 500 spending intentions have not recovered to the same extent and remain down notably vs this time last year.
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  • 437
  • Survey Respondents
  • Representing $236b in annual IT Spend
  • 96Fortune 500
  • 99 S&P 500
  • 163Global 2000

Distribution of the Survey Answers

  • 8% adoption
  • 49% increase
  • 38% flat
  • 3% decrease
  • 3% replacing

ServiceNow - Single Vendor Aggregate

The historical response breakdown for ServiceNow; the blue line represents Net score while the yellow line represents Market share.

Single Vendor Aggregate
  • adoption
  • increase
  • flat
  • decrease
  • replacing
  • net score

ServiceNow Spend Focus - Respondent Subsample

Spending Intentions for ServiceNow by customer type (Index, Region, Vertical, etc.)

Respondent Subsample

ServiceNow Tracking the Conversation -

  • We do use ServiceNow for ITSM, not their other modules, but definitely their ITSM module. And that had been with the organization for some period of time. I think it would’ve been really, really difficult to have supported a sudden shift to a work from home model if we did not have a mature IT SM platform. Whether ServiceNow, or Cherwell, or CA, or others. Somebody in that space in a SaaS form, and also, and critically, business processes matured around that platform. If that were not in place ahead of the pandemic, it would’ve been pretty difficult to support this transition. And I would say that was critical in our ability to navigate this.

    - Director of IT, Large Public Restaurant Chain | VENN 221, 11/06/2020

  • People [are realizing] there are other ways to solve the same problem in a more pragmatic and a cost - effective manner. I’m going to look at this as an early warning sign for even well - established entities like ServiceNow. Don’t get me wrong, ServiceNow’s trajectory and their new CEO, ex - SAP lead coming in, there’s a lot of good things going on. But I feel like the investment bucket on that one’s getting pretty large. [...] I’m working with [an] $18 billion industrial company. I basically recommended to the team that they can pause activity on ServiceNow customization since they’re exactly at the midpoint. And we can look at cloud - based solutions to finish up their IT finance services specialization. Decisions like that are being made.

    - Global Technology & Cybersecurity Executive, Former F100 | VENN 216, 10/13/2020

ServiceNow Spend Focus

Spending Intentions for ServiceNow across all Sectors that track it

Single Vendor View