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  • Analytics / B.I. / Big Data
  • Information Security
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Updated 2021 outlook

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  • Across both the Analytics and Information Security sectors, spending intentions on Splunk continue their long march lower, decelerating from prior survey and year - ago levels.
  • Specific to the Analytics sector, spending intentions on Splunk are decelerating across every customer group (>50 citations) vs. last year. Fortune 500 customers present particular concern, as spending intentions have yet again decelerated meaningfully and now reside at all - time lows in our work.
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  • 503
  • Survey Respondents
  • Representing $283b in annual IT Spend
  • 114Fortune 500
  • 126 S&P 500
  • 190Global 2000

Distribution of the Survey Answers

  • 7% adoption
  • 37% increase
  • 44% flat
  • 7% decrease
  • 5% replacing

Splunk - Single Vendor Aggregate

The historical response breakdown for Splunk; the blue line represents Net score while the yellow line represents Market share.

Single Vendor Aggregate
  • adoption
  • increase
  • flat
  • decrease
  • replacing
  • net score

Splunk Spend Focus - Respondent Subsample

Spending Intentions for Splunk by customer type (Index, Region, Vertical, etc.)

Respondent Subsample

Splunk Tracking the Conversation -

  • Cost is always a big deal. Spunk is changing their ingest model to a retention model, so they have some changes going on. Ho wev er, it's also about the age of the data. Specifically for cloud - hosted systems, how long do you want that data? The longer you want it, the more expensive it becom es. Sometimes it's not a very simple flat trajectory. It can be a very aggressive increase of pricing.

    - Director of Cloud Operations, Large Telco/IT Services Firm | VENN 241, 03/04/2021

  • For a large company like ours, this type of product is very expensive. For example, the price for a terabyte with Splunk is ver y high, so because our volume is very, very big, we need to select a little niche where we can apply Splunk. We cannot adopt these products cross domain and cross s tac k as a standard tool because of the price.

    - Head of IT, Large IT/Telco Enterprise | VENN 242, 03/08/2021

  • We did evaluate Splunk, and it was about feature versus the cost. Splunk does have some negative points and that’s where I t hin k Grafana and Elastic are going to be leading. Overall, I think the spending for Splunk and let’s say AppDynamics will be very limited. Companies or CIOs who al rea dy have the architecture within their organization will be leaning towards such solutions, but I don’t see any other organizations doing this. If you’re looking at a startup or a young organization with a young workforce, I think they’ll probably lean towards Grafana, Elastic, and the New Relic kind of solutions.

    - CTO, Midsize Pharma Distribution Firm | VENN 231, 01/06/2021

Splunk Spend Focus

Spending Intentions for Splunk across all Sectors that track it

Single Vendor View