• Sectors:
  • IT Consulting
  • Outsourced IT
  • Robotic Process Automation


  • In our COVID-19 drill down study, among respondents indicating a year-over-year decline in IT spend in 4Q20, overall spend on Infosys remains subdued with a modest improvement in IT Consulting and further declines in IT Outsourcing.
  • Within the competitive landscape, McKinsey and Capgemini are the only vendors within Infosys’ customer base with a positive Net score. Accenture, Cognizant, Tata, Ernst & Young and IBM all extend their negative outlook within Infosys accounts in the IT Consulting sector. Within Outsourced IT, not a single vendor can claim a positive Net score. Accenture remains the “best” positioned with IBM being most improved in Infosys accounts.
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  • 114
  • Survey Respondents
  • Representing $123b in annual IT Spend
  • 35Fortune 500
  • 35 S&P 500
  • 54Global 2000

Distribution of the Survey Answers

  • 7% adoption
  • 24% increase
  • 51% flat
  • 16% decrease
  • 3% replacing

Infosys - Single Vendor Aggregate

The historical response breakdown for Infosys; the blue line represents Net score while the yellow line represents Market share.

Single Vendor Aggregate
  • adoption
  • increase
  • flat
  • decrease
  • replacing
  • net score

Infosys Spend Focus - Respondent Subsample

Spending Intentions for Infosys by customer type (Index, Region, Vertical, etc.)

Respondent Subsample

Infosys Spend Focus

Spending Intentions for Infosys across all Sectors that track it

Single Vendor View